welcome to the kat's corner

a little about me

after all, isn't that what personal websites are for? well, surely, you readers are visiting my site for a reason, and whether that reason is because you actually know who i am, but want to know a little more, or because you found me through google or livejournal or the geek empire or notacon or www.tod.net or... well, you get the idea.

i suppose there are many things that i am... a med student, a proto-geek, a cat lover and parent of 2 cats (with one foster kitty as well), an amateur performance artist, an occasional web designer with a great fondness for standards compliant web design, a creative anachronist, a casual hiker and camper with a great fondness for the French River in Ontario, Canada, a dreamer, a wisher, a girl that loves to sing along with the radio even when there aren't any lyrics... i guess i'm just me.

topics of interest