my wishlist

here's my wishlist of stuff i'd like but have not been able to buy for myself yet. most of this is practical, but there is some silliness in here as well. no, you don't have to buy me anything, or confine yourself to this list. this is just a set of guidelines to make everyone's life a little simpler. do note, this list is being mass distributed, but most items are acceptable in multiples, i think.

also, for those looking for suggestions for tod, some of the kitchen, cat, and household stuff is more for both of us, and at the bottom of this list is tod's games wishlist as well.

Last, but most important, we are going to be moving this summer to a yet to be determined location. We do not want lots of new stuff that we have to move. PLEASE lean towards the light items on this list if you wish to give me something before we move.

Interview appropriate items

Nice clothes (both suits and social engineering or schmoozing appropriate attire), air line tickets, hotels, etc all cost a lot. help deferring the costs would be really nice. Luggage has already been procured. Thank you!


books etc

school supplies


household stuff

toys and games for Tod