The union of a computer geek and a family doc

Special thanks go to...

My parents. Hey, I didn't come out too bad, right? In all honesty, thank you for your moderating influence. Without it, I'm sure our wedding would been a lot less classy. Also, thank you for doing all the alterations for our clothes, and helping write the Vietnamese half of the invitations, and allowing me to incorporate some of our personality and quirkiness into the wedding so that we could create something elegant and beautiful and uniquely us.

Tod's parents. Hey, he didn't come out too bad, right? Honestly, thank you for raising a wonderful, open-minded, intelligent, independent young man. Thank you for welcoming me into your family with open arms. Thank you for being you. Oh, and thank you for the excellent margaritas at Marcelita's at the rehearsal dinner; I think they helped a lot.

Paul "Froggy" Schneider. Our minister of funk and respef. You rock. Oh, and it's pretty sweet that you'll be officiating our wedding, too. Too bad we couldn't clone you a couple times and make you are full-time DJ and a groomsman as well. Thanks for being such a wonderful jack-of-all-trades filling in all the roles we asked of you, and writing such an eloquent ceremony. Lastly, thank you for letting me squeeze in my favorite movie line into your ceremony.

My wonderful Matrons of Honor. Who says bridesmaids have to be maids? Gigi, thanks for helping me figure out all those pesky little details that make weddings cool and classy, and putting up with me being horribly indecisive at one moment and extremely opinionated the next. Marie, thanks for being bubbly and energetic and oh so excited to get to be a bridesmaid instead of a bride again. Your experience in having 3 weddings (to the same person!), including one traditional Vietnamese wedding was very handy. Thank you for the lovely wedding shower, the fabulous bachelor/bachelorette party, and arranging the make-up session the week before the wedding. Also, thanks for letting me borrow your wedding ao dai. I think changing dresses between the wedding and reception was worth it to be able to sit and move around and dance without having a huge bustle and train to deal with, and everyone thought that it was a really cool outfit as well.

Tod's terrific groomsman, Tom Trelvik. You're our best man. Yes, you now get that title by default because you're also our only groomsman. Thanks for telling Tod to go after me. Clearly, it worked out well. Also, thanks for being our token unmarried guy. Ignore the fact that you and Elizabeth decided to get married before we did. Also, thank you for bringing down our speakers for the ceremony, and hooking them up at the rehearsal.

Jodie Schneider. Thanks for putting up with our drama. You one of the people Tod's known longest and is still close to, even if you do live all the way over in Lakewood now. If you had a Y chromosome, you would have been our second groomsman, and part of the Best Committee. Thanks for being our ceremony music person, even though that was a far less glamorous job. We still think you're special.

Elizabeth Banger. Thanks for being wrapped up in the chaos that is wedding planning with me. It's nice to have someone else to compare notes with and draw inspiration and moral support from. I wish I could have had you be my cake-baker, because your Blueberry Swan Lake cake would have been fabulous. Also, thank you for helping make the programs and place cards, and helping me keep generally sane.

John Bellinger. Thanks for the spiffy centerpiece sushi bridges turned cupcake bridges. They are far cooler than anything else I could have bought or made myself. The only thing that would be cooler is if they had little running rivers going underneath them. But that would have been excessive, not to mention probably in the way of all the tasty food. Everyone thought they were awesome.

Grace Vibbert. I wish I could draw half as well as you. Wait, no, I wish I could draw 1/4th as well as you. Heck, I wish I could draw at all. Look at my silly little stick people up there. They aren't nearly as cool as your beautiful artwork that was carved onto John's fantastic cupcake bridges... and drawn on the invitations, the response cards, the place cards, the programs, the thank you notes... everywhere I could think of to put them. Thank you for your gorgeous artwork.

Kari and Ross Smith. Thank you for helping me put together the invitations when you expected to be getting together for gaming instead. Thank you for helping me put together programs and place cards at the last minute, and for giving me your table card holders that I'd made for your wedding. Kari, thank you also for helping me stay sane and being my informal wedding consultant for when I wasn't sure how to go about doing things. Lastly, thank you for being my go-to person for if things went wrong, for getting our suit-case and Tod's shoes and suspenders when we'd forgotten them the day of the wedding, and for overall being a wonderful wonderful friend.

La Hoang and Audry Alabiso. Thank you for calling the bakery on the morning of the wedding before going to pick up the non-existant cupcakes. If you hadn't I don't know if I'd have been able to have cupcakes at all.

Uncle Tony Schofer. Thank you for being our photographer. The pictures are fabulous, and my family was thrilled to be able to see all those photos that you had printed out the next day.

Jessie Rudolph. Thank you for being our last-minute videographer. I think the video will be terrific, and I look forward to seeing your edited final product whenever you get a chance to making it.

Shanna Lee. Thank you for the make-up session pre-wedding, and for the wonderful make-up kit you gave me for the wedding. Your make-up was beautiful and elegant and just right for the occasion. If I ever decide to get more make-up, I will definitely call you.

Graden MacLennan. I am SO sorry I screwed up your invitation!!! Thank you for still coming, and not only that, for pulling together recommendations for music. I wish I'd been able to use more of your suggestions.

Adagio Tea. Thank you for pulling together and shipping our wedding favors so promptly, even though we were cutting it close in ordering them. I am still amazed that they will arrive so quickly.

Michael's Bakery. Thank you for making those wonderful cupcakes at the very last minute. Yes, somehow the order got lost, and I've no idea how, but I am so grateful that you were able to whip up 120 cupcakes the day of the wedding, decorate them beautifully, and deliver them in time for the wedding. They were delicious, and I intend to recommend you to all my friends and family in the area as a terrific bakery.

Last, but not least, Tod. Thank you for being my best friend. I love you.