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Wedding Photo Highlights

The following are a selection of the best photos from Tod's and my wedding, taken on Saturday, May 12th, 2007, by assorted friends and family. More photos are available to view at our Wedding Photos group hosted by Flickr.

img_1380 My friend Shanna just finished my make-up, and I looked back to show it off to Tod's mother, Priscilla, and his Aunt Pam.

img_1380 Coming down the stairs to the ceremony with my sister and Matron of Honor, Gigi, and my other Matron of Honor, Marie.

img_1380 My father escorting me into the wedding ceremony.

img_1380 The ceremony itself, officiated by Tod's and my very close friend, Paul.

img_1380 The exchange of vows and rings.

img_1380 And then we were married!

img_1380 We were so happy, we had to share a big hug.

img_1380 Getting ready to process out of the hall.

img_1380 Our Matron of Honor, Marie, being escorted by our Best Man, Tom

img_1380 Our Matron of Honor and my sister, Gigi, being escorted by our Officiant and part-time other Best Man, Paul.

img_1380 My parents.

img_1380 And Tod's parents.

img_1380 Tod and I then proceeded to wander off and pose for a wide assortment of wedding photos, like this one of us on the stairs of the country club.

img_1380 And in the livingroom by the fireplace.

img_1380 Then we headed outside, where Tod's Uncle Tony insisted that we have a photo of us in the golf cart. We were at a country club after all, and this one happened to be parked right out front, so we decided, sure, why not? I'm in the driver's seat because I would have had a much harder time getting to the passenger side between the cart and the landscaping near the curb.

img_1380 The garden outside the country club was beautiful.

img_1380 I suppose this photo would essentially be a reenactment of Tod proposing to me (although we skipped the whole Tod being on one knee when offering the ring bit when he actually proposed). Alternatively, you could just say that this was a really cute and lovely picture.



img_1380 Standing in front of the lake behind the country club.

img_1380 Tod and I shared a joke while standing on the bridge that connects the country club's clubhouse to the golf course.

img_1380 I think this is one of my favorite photos.

img_1380 And once again we're in the garden.

img_1380 With our wedding party.

img_1380 With Tod's family.

img_1380 With my family, though we hadn't found Gigi's husband Matt when we got this picture.

img_1380 Which is why we also have this picture, with just Gigi, Matt, and Jack.

img_1380 I also had to have this photo with my new husband, Tod Owen Detre, and his grandfather, Tod Owen Detre.

img_1380 And to wrap up the group photos, here's one with all parents and grandparents present at the wedding.

img_1380 And now we present to you, the bride and groom, with me in an ao dai! The ao dai actually was borrowed from my bridesmaid, Marie, who had gone to Vietnam several years ago for her wedding to her half-Vietnamese husband.

img_1380 Tod and I have our first dance together as a married couple.

img_1380 The father-daughter dance is one of the traditions of American weddings, so my father and I waltzed.


img_1380 And then, an extended family photo, with assorted aunts and cousins.

img_1380 Tod's neice, Katie, and my second cousin, Lauren, insisted on dancing with me.


img_1380 And last, two photos of my most handsome nephew, Jack. Here, he seems to be wondering, "Uncle La, why are you taking my picture?"

img_1380 "No, really, Uncle La, why are you taking my picture?!?"