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So, what's up with the Kitchenaid thing?

For as long as I've known him, Tod has had this old Kitchenaid stand mixer that was a hand-me-down from his grandmother. Now, this mixer worked pretty well, especially for an old mixer, but it complained when trying to deal with thicker doughs, so we wanted a new Kitchenaid. However, Kitchenaid mixers are awfully expensive, so we always asked Tod's parents for one for Christmas. Tod's mom insisted that Tod would only be getting a Kitchenaid mixer as a wedding gift. Gee, subtle hint, huh? Seeing as I tend to give things nicknames, any discussion of marriage became referred to as getting a Kitchenaid. Ignore the fact that several years after insisting that Tod and I would only be receiving a Kitchenaid mixer as a wedding gift, we got one for Christmas. Why? Tod's mom got a new one for that same Christmas, so her old one became ours. Hah, we outwitted them! or something.