Maine House Shopping

Trip #1: Jump to

Because there's nearly 300 photos in this first weekend, and we still have one more extended weekend left, i'm shrinking the photos down to thumbnails so that this omnibus page loads more quickly, and also creating separate pages for the houses out into their own pages with the individual houses with the medium-sized shots.

Trip #1, Thursday

We looked at 5 houses today: 4 in Waterville, and 1 across the river in Winslow. All were around the same price, and all were relatively in town, which means they all should be close enough to Maine General in Waterville. Also, all were a tad on the smaller side, but some seemed more useable than others. Here's what we saw, in order of what we saw today (excluding the last two houses, both of which were still occupied, so we didn't want to intrude with tons of photo taking and publishing online).

MLS# 825032

MLS# 831615

MLS# 837532

MLS# 811551

MLS# 837312

Trip #1, Friday

8 houses today. Yes, i know, i said something like 20 on the phone, but i clearly was overestimating. the farmhouse tod and i were eyeing in Waterville is out on contract (i.e. someone put in a bid and it's about to be sold), and we dropped a couple that we'd seen with the other realtor yesterday as well. Here's what we saw today.

MLS# 818310

MLS# 826418

MLS# 823931

MLS# 836751

MLS# 836396

MLS# 838780

MLS# 822670

MLS# 820451

Random shot of the post office turned into office space

Trip #1, Saturday

We upped our max list price to $115,000 and looked at 9 more houses today. Below are descriptions of all the ones we liked (6) or that we had photos of. It's impressive how much better the choices are with merely increasing our max list price a little. I think there's 4 that we really like, but all of them are worth considering, along with our favorites from thursday and friday.

MLS# 834464

MLS# 838110

MLS# 838763

MLS# 836022

MLS# 836056

MLS# 803354

MLS# 834903

MLS# 822657